Who, or what, is BuildMyEmails?

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It’s come to our attention that many do not know who, or what, BuildMyEmails is, or what we do. And it seems like there are some myths about how BuildMyEmails makes your marketing emails better. So we’ve decided to clear the air once and for all by busting the top 3 myths.

Myth #1
BuildMyEmails sends your emails like any other email service provider.

Nope. In fact, we do everything else, but.

A lot of work goes into creating an awesome and effective marketing email – content, design and coding. And in the process, there’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong – grammatically wrong sentences, low-res images, bad coding – all and any of which can send your efforts down the drain.

And that’s the beauty of BuildMyEmails. Because we’ll handle the entire process for you, short of actually sending out your email. You see, we don’t really want to access your database. It’s yours and shouldn’t be shared. But we will take care of the writing, designing and coding. All you have to do, really, is send out the final product – your awesome marketing email.

And the best part: all our emails work great with any email service provider.

Myth #2
BuildMyEmails is going to be really expensive.

Wrong again. While that may be true for some email generators or software, that’s not the case with BuildMyEmails.

In fact, we’ve gone all out to make our packages affordable and super cost effective. A pay-per-use model means you only pay for what you need. And with no subscription plans to tie you down, there’s no worry of having to commit to a long-term contract that you can’t wait to get out of. To further sweeten the deal, the more emails you buy, the cheaper it gets! What’s more, if you can find a company that can do what we do* at a lower price, we’ll create your email for free.

*This covers the entire scope of work from content creation and design to the coding and testing of emails.

Myth #3
You only need BuildMyEmails the first time you’re creating your email template.

Well, you could do that. But it just wouldn’t be smart in the long run. While your email template might not change once it’s customised for your business, you can’t say the same for your content. And in email marketing, content is key. Sure, you could try to find your own copywriters to create your content. But we all know that finding a good copywriter is like searching for the holy grail.

At BuildMyEmails, you get an experienced team of copywriters who are experts at crafting effective and engaging marketing emails working for you (read: strong CTAs, persuasive content, perfect grammar). And you also get teams of designers and programmers working to put it all together. Sounds pretty amazing to us.

Anyway, we could go on and on about how awesome BuildMyEmails is and how great we are at helping you create better emails, but we really think you should just see it for yourself.

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