Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns.

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Email has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways of marketing products and services to a prequalified audience. 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business and 40x more effective than social media for lead generation.

However, not every email is the same. When a business is faced with the challenge of identifying the correct email – one that will bring in the leads and feed the sales funnel – which approach is best? In this post, we take a look at some of the most effective ways businesses can supercharge their email marketing campaigns.

Just how effective is email? Well, email marketing continues to be ranked as the best channel in terms of ROI, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, and companies crediting email for bringing in 23% of total sales.



So as a B2B business, how do you ensure that your email marketing campaigns provide exceptional returns on investment? There are several proven tactics that will provide you with new customers and ensure that they stay loyal to your brand. Here are some of the tactics that you can employ.


1. Curated email content


Always add value to the client experience. It’s simple. The client provides you with an email address in the understanding that you will offer them value in return. Sometimes, it’s better not to go straight for the jugular. Provide them with information they can use to make their business more effective. Speak to them as individuals in a particular industry. Some good ideas are to provide them with insight into trends or where the business is moving. Check out this example from Moz.



2. Reactivate your dormant clients


As you build your email database, you’ll find that you have a list of people who have been dormant for some time – i.e. those who have not engaged in buying behaviour for some time. These are your inactive prospects. But don’t write them off. It’s time to activate them. An email message reminding them of the virtues of your product or service is a great way of doing this. Take Dropbox for example.



The key to activation is to offer an incentive to encourage behaviour. Are you launching something new? It could be an update or maybe you can offer them something they can use – like a case study or something hot off the press such as the latest industry stats. It’s a way to remind them that you’re there to help.


3. Announcement activation


Keep your client base up to date with the latest news. Whether your company has been recognised for exceptional service or a product has won an award, announce it through a targeted email campaign. It reassures existing clients that they are doing business with a professional and respected organisation. It also reignites the interest of dormant clients – a win-win situation.

When SumAll acquired Flutter, they used an announcement email as an effective way to share the news.





4. Add value


An email is the perfect opportunity to show clients that you not only value their business, but also add value to their business lives. Developing content like white papers positions you and your organisation as experts – and expertise is widely admired. Help your clients out with best practice guides or a bunch of industry-appropriate statistics. White papers may take a little time and effort to put together, but your clients will recognise the value of what you’re providing.

A great way to provide that value is through a link to the content. And you can even ask for some updated details at the same time, meaning you also keep your database fresh and add new prospects. Look at this example from SuperOffice.

White papers aren’t the only pieces of content that are valued. If you’re offering software, how about a free upgrade or some added functionality? The key here is to add value to your customers’ business.



5. Make email a part of your campaign


Email is a great tool to support any of your ongoing marketing activities. It can be scheduled to coincide with other initiatives and is comparably low cost. What’s more, you can carefully plan and time the delivery of content directly to your audience’s inbox.

Add value once again to the client experience by providing something for free like Desk. This helps drive traffic to your website or even social media sites, if those are the channels you are using for sales or building client relationships.


6. Promoting events


Whether it’s a new product launch or a webcast, email is perfect for keeping clients informed and excited about your products and services. With email, you can stir interest in the run up to the event and create an air of excitement.

Remember to include all the relevant details in the email – like Jill Konrath. Remember that RSVP as a call to action.



7. The power of free


One of the best ways to introduce your product or service is with a free trial or demo. Free is one of the most powerful words in any marketer’s toolkit. A free product allows the client to dip their toes into your value proposition. And if they like what you’re offering, you’ve made an easy conversion. Be sure to follow up with an email asking for their thoughts and experience and solve any potential issues that they might have.


So to recap:


B2B marketing needs email. It’s fast, easy to manage and offers exceptional targeting and return on investment. By adding value or offering free trials, you can engage with your target audience in ways that traditional above-the-line marketing struggles to match. Email allows you to become a trusted source of expert opinion, and that has an immediate effect on your bottom line. What more could you ask from a marketing tool?

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