We use the best – and we asked them for advice.

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At BuildMyEmails, we use the best copywriters in the business, and we’ve asked them how to make your emails sing to your prospects (remember we’re here if you need a hand). So here are some of the best email marketing content tips we’ve heard from our cracking team of copywriters:


1. KISS – but not as you know it.

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Keep It Simple and Strong. You’ve only got a couple of seconds to capture your subscriber’s attention. No difficult words. Remember, sometimes your recipient isn’t a native English speaker. Avoid jargon or industry-specific terms. Write as you would talk to a friend – but make it powerful. Use trigger words (special, your offer, limited, sex – see we got you with that one).


2. Scanning is king.


Your customer needs to be able to take everything in at a glance. No long paragraphs. Split it up into sub heads. Keep it personal – less ‘we’ and more ‘you’ – this is a friend you’re talking to, remember.


3. What’s in it for me?


Always remember to emphasise benefits vs. features. Is it going to make my business money? Is it going to cut costs? Will it make everything EASIER!


4. Don’t confuse the issue.

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Make sure that your email subject line agrees with what you’re selling. Don’t bait people with a clever subject line and then sell them a completely different bill of goods. Do that and it’s the last time they’ll ever open your email. In fact, it’s probable they won’t read past the first line of your content.


5. Know who you’re talking to.


Find out who you are talking to. Do some market research – otherwise you’re wasting your time and the time of your potential customer. Tailor your messages. Solve a customer’s problem and you’ve made that sale. Content relevancy is king.


6. Make your CTA hard as a rock.


Your Call To Action has to be brilliant – and don’t be afraid to repeat it. Don’t be afraid to sell, sell, sell. And also make sure that you use the opportunity to own that prospect. An email is your chance to forge a relationship, sign them up to a newsletter or point them to your website. Or invite them to ‘buy NOW’ (and be clever with those YES / NO buttons – ‘YES – I want superstar good looks’ OR ‘so you don’t want to be better looking’).


7. Urgency sells.

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‘One time Offer’. Limited Time Offer’. Don’t be afraid to use this in your subject line.

See what we did there (you’re hilarious Steve the copywriter)? Proofread over and over again. Although this may seem obvious, typos and inaccuracies in your email marketing copy can hurt your credibility with subscribers.

So there you have it. Advice from our pros. And remember, we’re (and they’re) here to help. Writing great copy that sells can be challenging. Why not hand the job over to us? We’ll try and keep Steve’s sense of humour in check (he thinks he’s funny – we humour him).

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