6 brilliant CTAs that actually work

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Think about all the stuff you’ve signed up for in your life. Whether it’s Dropbox, Netflix or even a gym class. What made you do it? Chances are, it was a really good call to action. As its name suggests, the aim of a call to action is to get somebody to do something, be it buying a product, registering for a seminar or even reading a blog post. Think of it as the equivalent of a shopkeeper nudging you and saying, ‘hey, you ready to get that?’.

That said, what makes a really good call to action? While there’s no hard and fast rule for creating a CTA, these are some of the elements that all great CTAs have in common:

  • Persuasive text
  • Strong visuals
  • Highly visible
  • Sense of urgency
  • Action-oriented

With that in mind, let’s take a look at these 6 brilliant CTAs that actually work.

Full disclosure: We don’t actually have the stats to prove that these 6 CTAs are scientifically successful, but they do have all the elements mentioned above.

1. Netflix

The biggest fear that people have when signing up for something is not being able to cancel their subscription if they change their mind. Netflix grabs that bull by the horns by strategically placing a Cancel Anytime button right above its Join Free for a Month CTA. And to hammer the point home, the colour of its primary and secondary CTAs are both the same fire-engine red as Netflix’s logo colour. What can we say, we’re sold!

brilliant CTAs that actually work


2. Spotify

For those of you who’ve visited Spotify’s home page, you’ll have seen its two conflicting CTAs – signups for a free version and a paid version. Now it seems mighty strange that Spotify is making its free CTA more prominent that its paid one but there’s a really cool reason behind it. A true master of customer behaviour, Spotify knows that it’ll get more customers by letting people try out its free service. And once they’re hooked on the awesome music, it’s almost a given that people start signing up for the paid version. Genius!



3. Huemor

What would you do if you saw a Launch CTA button followed by Do Not Press? We bet you’d be dying to press it. It’s like telling you not to think of the elephant in the room or your parents having erm … fun. And that’s what makes Huemor’s CTA so brilliant. By using reverse psychology, Huemor ‘makes’ people do things they totally did not plan on doing. So go on, press that button. Or don’t.



4. Full Bundle

Many companies are starting to use negative space to make their CTAs stand out. One company that has absolutely succeeded at this is Full Bundle. The white CTA against the dark grey background makes it really stand out. And as a web design agency, Full Bundle knows there’s no better way to convert customers than showcasing its portfolio through the Our Work CTA.



5. medCPU

Companies in the health industry are bound by laws and limited in what they can put on their websites. In addition, the services or products they offer are also not things that people would buy on a whim. And these reasons are why medCPU’s simple, soft CTA works so well. Rather than selling its products and services outright, medCPU invites its site visitors to read on for more information – a tactic that will result in a higher clickthrough rate compared to a hard-selling CTA.



6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s CTA is a great example of a CTA done right. It starts off with a simple question What’s making your visitors leave?, which is something that every company wants to know, and ends with an extremely irresistible Show Me My Heatmap. The entire process is a phenomenal example of using emotional triggers to drive interest and then action. Crazy Egg 1: users 0



Now that you’ve seen 6 awesome examples of CTAs that actually work, it’s time to start creating your own. Use bold colours, negative space and smart copy that creates a sense of urgency. And when you’re done, test it to ensure it’s working the way you want it to.

What’s the best CTA you’ve ever seen? Share it in the comments below.

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